Hide content on mobile/desktop devices using Remarkety's template editor

Due to popular demand, we added the feature to hide content blocks on desktop/mobile devices. This feature allows construction of an email that has an optimized layout for desktop screens while also providing a better viewing experience when opened on mobile devices.

For example:

With the new "Hide on" feature, it is easy:

- to hide the content block when the email is opened on a desktop computer

- or to hide the content block when the email is opened on a mobile device

How does it work?

All content blocks in Remarkety's editor will include a new "Hide on" setting in their side panel. To use it, select the content block you wish to hide, scroll down the side panel until you find the "hide on" toggle, and select the preferred option. 

See use case on how to hide an image banner in "Desktop view": 



For specific questions regarding Remarkety's new template editor, contact support@remarkety.com 

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