Uploading images to your email - New editor

In Remarkety's new template editor, follow these steps to successfully upload a new image to your email campaign:



  1. In the campaign editor’s Design stage, select an “empty” row and drag it to your template.

  2. Switch to the “Content” tab in the campaign’s side menu bar and drag the “image block” directly to the empty row until a blue line appears inside the empty row.


  3. Once you dragged the Image block, you can add a new image in 3 different ways:

    Drag & Drop:

    1. Drag the image directly from a local folder to the image block (where "drop your file here" is written). The image will upload and add the image to the image gallery at the same time.


      Image Gallery:

    2. Click the “Browse” button. Once you do, you will be redirected to the image gallery’s landing page. The landing page is READ-ONLY; you cannot upload or insert images to the landing page folder – to upload images, select the “Myfiles” folder.
      Inside the “Myfiles” folder, you can upload images from your local folder, import images using a url to your image gallery, or use our free images library for “unsplashed” images.

      Image url:

    3. Include the image url directly in the image block’s sidebar’s url box. This will download the image directly from your own servers when the email goes out to your customers, instead of downloading the image to our own severs.

      Please note: This is the least recommended method to use. Including the image url directly in the editor’s sidebar can cause load issue to your server and can cause the image not to get downloaded when the customer receives the campaign.

      For more how-to tips and tricks for using the new template editor, contact support@remarkety.com 
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