How to add custom fonts to emails

With Remarkety's template editor, you can use any type of Google and Adobe supported font types.

Web fonts allow email marketers to be more creative with their typography, enabling them to choose non-standard fonts in their designs.

At a moment, you cannot upload the custom fonts by yourself and need to ask our team to upload it for you manually. To add a custom font to your email template, simply contact with the following information:

  1. You account's username/domain name
  2. Google/Adobe Font name
  3. Font Family
  4. Google/Adobe Font URL

For example: 

    Account Name: SAMPLE-STORE.COM 

    Font Name: Sanchez

    Font Family: Sanchez, serif



It should take our support team up to 24 hours to process your request and add the requested font to your account. 

* Please note - Non web-safe font (custom fonts) aren't always supported by all email providersIt's a best practice to use the default web-safe fonts to ensure a consistent experience and look&feel of your emails.

Here is a list of available Google Fonts  and Adobe Fonts 

To learn more about our template editor and its features, contact us at 

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