Animated GIFs are awesome!! When used correctly, they can make your message pop out and hopefully bring a smile to your readers' faces. There are brands that have built entire email marketing campaigns around surprising, original and engaging GIF's that kept their recipients waiting for the next one to arrive.


Remarkety has full support for animated GIF's, in all versions of our template editors. Just upload and use it like any other image. However, please keep in mind the following rules of thumb:

File Size

Since animated GIF's are essentially a (non-compressed) short video, they can get extremely large. There's no hard limit - however, due to most recipients reading their email on mobile, image downloading can be an issue. We recommend keeping GIF's under 200K in most cases, and definitely under 1M.

Email Client Support

Most modern email clients will support Animated GIF's, even the latest Outlook. However, do consider that some users may not support the animation and so be sure that the first frame makes sense by itself.

Image Size

The special format of animated GIF's means that they cannot be edited with our built-in image editors. So make sure that you get the appropriate image size straight from the designer.

Additional Resources

Our friends at Litmus have put together a great write-up about animated GIF's, including some cool examples and inspiration - you can read it here!

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