Remarkety's template editor allows users to reuse content in different email campaigns in one click. When editing a message in the campaign editor, you can design a custom row (e.g. a header, a footer, a "Product of the Month" section, etc.), save it, and easily reuse it in other email messages or templates, dragging-and-dropping it from the Rows tab.

Saving and Reusing Rows

Create the row

To learn how to create rows in Remarkety's editor, click here. 

Once finished with designing the row, select the row itself. In the right corner of the selected row, you will find 3 icons - Duplicate (2 sheets of paper), Delete (Trash can), or Save (Floppy disc). Select the "Save" icon to access the save row screen*. 


* The save row screen is a pop-up window that will not undo any of the progress you made while working on the campaign. That being said, we encourage to save the campaign as often as possible.


Pick a name and save

After clicking on the Save icon, pick a name and a Category for your new saved row, and click on Create to confirm and save it.



After saving the row, click Save & Stay to save your progress:




Reuse your saved row

Once a row has been saved, it becomes available under the Rows tab, listed under its Category, sorted newest to oldest**.

You can access the saved row by going to ROWS and selecting the new category you created inside the drop-down window. The row you created will be inside the category. 


** The newly saved row will be available in the campaign it was saved on only after refreshing the page. That is why we recommend to save the campaign after saving the row for reuse. 


Make use of the saved row by dragging it into your template:


That's it!

Using our editor's Save & Reuse feature will help save a lot of time and effort while working on future email campaigns. 

To learn more about Remarkety's template editor, click here, or contact us at  


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