Configuring real time order updates for Yahoo Small Business

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Small Business (YSB) account.
  2. Open the "Store Manager".
  3. Go to "Real-Time Links"
  4. Go to "Real-Time Link Settings"
  5. Copy the following URL into the first empty "Orders" input:{store_id}
    Make sure to replace the {store_id} parameter to your Remarkety store id (you can find it on Remarkety > Settings > API Keys).
  6. Make sure the "Format" is set to XML.
  7. Make sure "Delivery Rate" is set to "One at a time".
  8. The result settings should look like this:
  9. Click "Update".
  10. Make sure new orders are flowing into Remarkety - you can see it on your Manage Contacts screen or under the Settings > Connection > View your eCommerce data
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