Verizon (Yahoo) Stores - Email capture options for browse abandonment

Remarkety helps Verizon stores to personalize their email marketing content through cart and browse abandonment campaigns. Apart from getting email addresses of new customers, we also track products viewed/selected to make personalization and segmentation of email lists easy.

Browse Abandonment

Browse abandonment campaigns are triggered when a customer browses your Verizon store, clicks and views various products. So, how does Remarkety acquire email addresses from visitors coming to your Verizon store?

Namely when,
1. Visitor subscribe's to newsletter via Remarkety Pop Up in the same session.
2. Visitor clicks on any link in email sent by you (via Remarkety).*

*Remarkety uses cookies to save the customer's info (identifier token) for 90 days. So next time the customer visits your website, Remarkety will track them and you will be able to followup with relevant campaigns and personal product recommendations 

Verizon (Yahoo) Stores - Email capture options for cart abandonment

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