Remarkety Setup for Verizon (Yahoo) Merchant Solutions store


1. Create an account

Create a new account by clicking here

2. Set up webhooks

Follow the steps here.

This will allow Remarkety to receive real time order updates from Verizon. 

3. Add your Product Feed to Remarkety

You will need to obtain the Product Feed URL from your Verizon store. We recommend using a Google Product Feed. If you do not have a Google Product Feed, you can learn how to create one here.

Once you have obtained the Product Feed URL, you need to add in the Dashboard under Settings > Product Feed

Make sure to select "Save Feed URL". 


If there are any issues adding the Product Feed URL, please contact Remarkety Support (

4. Set up web tracking for Abandoned Cart and Browse Abandonment 

The last step is to add the web tracking script to the Verizon backend so you can collect cart info and product view data for Abandoned Cart and Browse Abandonment campaigns. 

Follow the instructions here.



And that's it! If you have any issues with any of the steps above, please contact the Remarkety Support Team:






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