The item price inside my Product Recommendation does not match my Verizon (Yahoo) site

This article is for Verizon (Yahoo) stores only.  

There are cases where the product price displayed inside the product recommendations row is out-of-date. Due to the Remarkety-Verizon integration, we can only receive product prices from the order API. Your Verizon store is not set up to send Remarkety product updates. 


For clarity, if you change the price of a product in your Verizon store, the price will not automatically update in Remarkety’s system. 

This has implications for including products with pricing changes in your product recommendations. If you notice a discrepancy in the price listed on your website with the price that Remarkety pulls and includes, this is likely the root cause of the issue. 


There are two options for how to maneuver this: 

  • Simply remove prices from the product recommendation rows. This will allow you to avoid showing an out-of-date price. Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_2.52.20_PM.png


  • Connect your Google Product Feed if you use one from selling via Google or Facebook.

We can access your store’s product information from here instead of order API. And from our connection to Google Product Feed, if a price is updated on the Google Product Feed it will automatically reflect in Remarkety’s store data. 

To set this up all you need to do is provide us a link to your Google Product Feed and let us know by contacting us at


If you want to know what other information can be leveraged by connecting your Google Product Feed click here.

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