How does the free trial work?

Simply sign up for Remarkety to start your free 14-day trial. We are flexible and can extend your trial based on your business needs, just let us know by emailing Their are no limits during your trial; you will be able to send newsletters, automated emails and have full access to premium features. No credit card is necessary. After the trial ends, you will be able to choose the right plan for your business.

How much does Remarkety cost? 

The cost of your subscription is based on the number of contacts you have eligible to receive emails. All plan start with a base price from which you are charged incrementally as you grow. Visit our pricing page for more detail on what is provided with each plan. 

Am I charged for contacts not subscribed to receive marketing emails?

You will not be charged for unsubscribed contacts. Moreover, Remarkety keeps your list clean: hard bounces, spam reports and invalid emails will be automatically removed from your list.

Does Remarkety replace my other email marketing platforms?

Yes, Remarkety is a one-stop-shop for your email marketing needs. Remarkety sends automated emails triggered by customer shopping behavior and purchase data, plus it sends all types of email marketing like newsletters, product recommendations, abandoned carts and more.

What are contacts?

A contact is anyone subscribed to your marketing emails. These contacts come from your eCommerce store or from lists you upload. You are never charged twice for the same contact.

A contact can be added to Remarkety from your e-commerce's orders API, or as a email subscriber. 

What happens if I exceed my number of allowed contacts or email sends?

You can choose to have Remarkety automatically add a bulk of new contacts/emails or upgrade your plan to ensure your emails continue being delivered or you can choose to manually upgrade before exceeding your plan limit. We will alert you when you’re close to exceeding your limit.

BE ADVISED, Remarkety can automatically upgrade your current plan, but WILL NOT move you to the next plan installment. That process can be done manually from your Plans and Billing page in the Remarekty app.

For example, if a customer is on a starter plan but discovers that his monthly rate can be lower if he moved to the Advanced plan - he must click on the "upgrade" button by the Advanced plan's block to change subscription plan. 

Can Remarkety create and manage my email campaigns?

Yes, we do offer professional services from basic account setup and campaign creation to full email marketing management. Go here to learn more.

I have a different question, who can I ask?

You can email us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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