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Remarkety's Advanced Settings is a page that offer you to manage the more elaborate functions in your Remarkety account. The Advanced Settings page is a great tool for account owners that are interested in managing additional adjustable settings in their account. 

How to Access?

Click on the following link:

The account ID can be located in your Remarkety account. To find it, go to Settings->API keys. The account id should be in bold.

Available parameters:

Some of the actions you can perform in the Advanced Settings page are:

  1. The number of decimal places to show in product prices. For example, if set to 1, a price of 10.32 will show up as 10.3.

  2. Always use parent product URL'sCheck for when a child product is shown in an order or a recommendation, always link to the parent product and not the variant.

  3. Add tax to order/cart - In decimal format, ie: 0.17. This tax rate will be added to the product items shown in the cart and order product prices. If left empty, price will be shown as received from the store.

  4. Maximum # of cart items to display in emails - Enter a number here in order to limit the number of items shown in cart abandonment emails. Leave empty or 0 for no limit.

  5. Disable double opt-in requirement - When checked, new subscribers will *not* be sent an opt-in confirmation email. This can have a negative impact on your list quality and deliverability.
  6. Require explicit opt-in for sending emails - A contact's opt-in status field might be unknown. When this option is checked, contacts with unknown status will not be sent emails, when unchecked - they will.
  7. List of email domains to automatically suppressContacts with emails from these domains will be automatically marked as "Suppressed" and will never receive emails or count towards your billing quota. Separate domains with commas.
    Note: This setting does not apply retroactively!

  8. All links in emails are wrapped via a tracking link. You can define your own domain by setting it here (for example: and configuring a CNAME record for that domain that points to: NOTE: Keep the 'dot' . at the end of the URL!

  9. Default date formatting - Allows you to change how the date appearance inside an email. The default date format the will be used in the emails. Default: "Y-m-d H:i". Sample preview: 2019-12-10 17:34.

  10. Disable webtracking identifier in links - By default, we add a query parameter called _rmId to all the email links. This lets our client-side script (if installed on your website) identify the shopper even if they are not logged in. If this is checked, we will not add this parameter.

  11. Send abandoned cart emails even to old carts that were recently modifiedBy default, we ignore carts which were created more than 90 days ago. This is because they may have old products. Check here to disable this safety check and send recovery emails to recently modified carts, regardless of their original creation time.

  12. Abandoned cart campaigns should ignore carts when all the items are out of stock - By default, we will send abandoned cart emails even if all the items are out of stock. 

If you wish to learn more about Remarkety's Advanced Settings page, contact your dedicated success manager or 


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