How can the open/click rate be higher than 100% in campaign reporting?

Sometimes, when reviewing your performance reports, you may see that the open rate for a campaign exceeds the number of sends, and this shows an open or click rate of over 100%.

As fantastic as this might sounds, it does seem like a bit of wishful thinking... So why are we displaying numbers that are obviously impossible?

The catch is, that the "sent", "opened" and "clicked" metrics are summed up over a daily (24 hr) period. And so, an email that was sent on Sunday might have been opened on Monday, and clicked on Tuesday. The actual sent, opened and clicked metrics will thus be counted on different days.

As an example, let's say an automation sent 10 emails on Sunday and 2 on Monday. 4 of the Sunday emails were opened on Sunday, and 2 of them were opened on Monday. All of the emails sent on Monday were actually opened on that same day, so in total 4 emails were opened on Monday (2+2).

If we look at the report for Sunday only, we'll see:

Campaign Sent Opened
My Automation 10 4 (40%)

And if we look at Monday, we'll see:

Campaign Sent Opened
My Automation 2 4 (200%)

To get a clearer view, we'd need to look at a larger timeframe (by clicking on the Calendar icon in the top-right), for example checking "All Time":

Campaign Sent Opened
My Automation 12 8 (67%)

I hope that this clears up any misunderstandings. As far as we'd like to go in helping you achieve stellar open rates, we still haven't broken the laws of physics (we're working on it though, stay tuned!)

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