Remarkety's Click Mapping & Heat Map Features


Remarkety's Click mapping feature allows customers to track multiple metrics like unique clicks per link, the conversion per link, and revenue amount generated from these clicks. 

What is Click Mapping feature?

Remarkety tracks unique clicks from every url inside the email campaign. Each time a shopper clicks a link in the campaign. Remarkety's Click Mapping feature relays how your contacts interact with your email and what url the shopper has clicked on. 

you can easily monitor how many times your intended audience clicked on certain links in your messages. On our side, we will record the information and offer click mapping reports for you to view.

The click Mapping features helps the user understand how his shoppers interact with the email  campaign, what links did they click on, and what was the result from the clicked-on link.  

What is Heatmap feature?

Remarkety's heat map is a graphical representation of your recently sent campaign where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors.

With the Heat map feature, you can easily review how many times your intended audience clicked on certain links/images in your messages. On our side, we will record the information and display the findings in an easy-to-understand visual report. 

Data metrics:

Remarkety highlights the following metrics in your Click Mapping/Heatmap:

  • Link/area in the campaign: The particular link you attached to the CTA/hyperlink inside the campaign. 
  • Unique Clicks -  A click from a single user. It counts how many times that URL was clicked by individual users. Duplicate clicks by a single user do not affect the total.
  • Total Clicks - Illustrates the full amount of clicks that were made in a certain CTA/link.
  • Conversions - the amount of orders placed followed by the click.
  • Generated Revenue: How much revenue has been made followed by the click.  

How to access?

To access the click tracking report page in Remarkety, go to your Reports, select the relevant campaign, and click on the "Clicks" tab. To access the heat map, click on the "Heatmap" tab (located to the right of the "Clicks" tab). 



To learn more about Remarkety's Click Tracking feature, contact 

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