Different number of contacts in Verizon (Yahoo) store than Remarkety

Why are contacts from my Verizon store missing from Remarkety?

When looking into your Remarkety contact list you might find different number of contacts than those you see on your Verizon store.

While Remarkety offers the most comprehensive integration with Verizon stores, the Verizon API only updates Remarkety about your product catalog and orders. There is no API for contact information.

That means that the only way for Remarkety to get a contact's information is through an order he or she placed.

If you have contacts that only subscribed to your newsletter or created an account but haven't made a purchase, you will need to export them from your Yahoo store and upload them into Remarkety.

Not sure how to upload a list of contacts to Remarkety? Here's how you do it.

Once you are connected to Remarkety, we highly recommend to change your newsletter subscription form to have Remarkety's code so that all new subscribers will be automatically fetched into your Remarkety account. You can learn how to change the code here.



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