How does the "abandoned cart" campaign work?


I have managed to implement an abandoned cart email and the checkout url works perfectly. 

However, these emails are generally sent out in sets of 3, the first 1 hour after the abandonment, then another say 24 hours later and then a third roughly 36 to 48 hours later.

The first one is easy to set up with the rules and condition set available in Remarkety, but how do you do the others as they are dependent on the previous ones. E.g. customers gets first email and completes their order, now I don't want to send emails 2 and 3. Similarly it takes the first 2 emails to convince the customer now I don't want to send the 3rd.

Also I want the first email to reference a recently completed order that might have happened in the hour between an abandoned cart and the first email being sent, although clearly this condition is not that important I still do get the odd customer complaining and confused when this happens.

Can you do it?


Remarkety makes it simpler for you.
For example, you create 3 abandoned cart campaigns. After 1 hour, 24 hours and 48 hours.
If the customer makes a purchase after the the first email, he/she will never get the 24 or 48 hours campaigns.
Why is that?
Once the customer makes a purchase, that cart is deleted, thus the 24 and 48 campaigns will never be triggered :-)

This is also true for your second question. If a customer makes a purchase in that hour between the cart was abandoned to the time that the email should be sent, the email will not be triggered at all. If the customer makes a purchase, it means that his/her cart "turns" into an order and the cart is deleted. So again, the abandoned cart campaign will not be triggered.

One scenario where that it might not work, is if the shopper adds items to the cart and doesn't complete the purchase but then makes another purchase from a different browser.


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