How does Remarkety track conversions?

Remarkety tracks 1-to-1 conversions based on unique email address. We count new purchases made by your shoppers as a conversion, under certain restrictions. This article explains how we calculate conversions, in other words - our attribution model.

Remarkety tracks conversions and other stats using the customer's email address, which is 100% unique. We currently don't use cookies because it is an unreliable way to track conversions from different devices.

Your Remarkety dashboard will show you other statistics like open rates, click rates, bounces, spam complaints, etc. However, since Remarkety is tailored for eCommerce, the most important metric we show you is how much money you've made.

What counts as a conversion and how do we calculate it?

If a customer opens your email or clicks a link and then makes a purchase within 5 days - Remarkety will count it as a conversion. It doesn't have to be in the same session. We also track different devices.

If a customer uses a coupon (sent via the email campaign), Remarkety will monitor it automatically and report this as a conversion regardless of the click, open and time interval limitations. For example, if a customer receives a coupon from you and uses it after 2 months without clicking or opening (*) the email, Remarkety will still count it as a conversion from that campaign.

What type of orders count as a conversion?

By default, Remarkety counts all orders as a conversion, regardless of the status. If, however, you would like to see only "Completed" orders as conversions, you may do so through the Account Settings page by changing the "Orders counted as conversions" setting in the "Store Info" tab. Make sure that the "Status types for completed orders" setting on that same page is configured correctly. Mind that it may take a while for stats to be retroactively calculated and updated.

Detailed conversion reporting

In your detailed campaign reports (click on the funnel on a campaign tile, or drill down into a campaign from the main Reports page), you can filter for "Converted" and see all the specific orders that Remarkety attributed to that campaign:


You can click on the recipient's email to get a detailed view of that customer's timeline, and visually see the correlation between the email and the order:



More info about open rate: Email-Open-Rates-Everything-You-Need-to-Know


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