How to modify the dynamic dates Inside an email campaign

Remarkety offers merge tags for all kinds of dynamic information. Paste a merge tag into your email campaign to add personalized or dynamic content.

Remarkety also allows you to manipulate the date's merge tags so you can display any date of your choosing (in any format), inside a Remarkety campaign. 

Use case (simple): 

In Remarkety, the following tags display a specific day/month/year:
{$date.year} - Current year. Dynamically changes depends on the Year.
{$date.month} - Current month (numeric). Dynamically changes depends on the month.
{$} - Current day of month. Dynamically changes depends on the day.

In this use case, we will explore how you can display today's date + 1 year:

This will give you the value of 1+ 2019
For example:
will generate: 
Today's month/Today's day/2020

Use case (Advanced):

For this use case, we will learn how to display today's month + 1 month: 

*** This use case is a more recommended course of action*** 

We added some some "advanced" date formatting with "date_format" (not "dateformat" which is a different function).

To display today's month + 1 month, use the following merge tag inside a Remarkety campaign: 

{"1 month from now"|date_format:"%d/%m/%y"}

or, if you prefer to actually display 30 days from now, then use this instead: 

{"30 days from now"|date_format:"%d/%m/%y"}

*** You can substitute "30" with any integral number of your choosing***


To learn more about manipulating Remarkety's merge tags, click here, or contact 


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