Using segments to send only to engaged subscribers

One of the best ways to keep your list clean and healthy is to send email only to people who are actively engaged with your brand. 

Sure, you can keep blasting everyone on your list and hope that maybe that one person that hasn't opened your email in the past 2 years will suddenly have an epiphany, but chances are that you've been appearing in their promotions or spam tab, that email address is abandoned, or that person is not - and will not - be interested. 

You might say - alright, so they're not engaged. But email is cheap, what do I care?

Well, it turns out that these un-engaged recipients might be doing significant damage to your email campaigns! Email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and others take email spam very seriously, and monitor, for themselves, their users' engagement with the emails they receive. If they see that 95% of an email from a certain vendor remains unopened and that vendor keeps blasting away, the likelihood of that vendor ending up marked as spam rises significantly. Even worse, you are also increasing your chances of repeatedly sending to spam traps which can get you blacklisted and bring your email marketing efforts to a screeching halt.

So - what can you do?

With our new Segments feature, you can create a segment called "Unresponsive to emails". These would be contacts that you've sent emails to, but they haven't even opened them. We have a built-in template for this segment, go to the Segments menu -> New Segment -> "Unresponsive to emails":


You can then tweak and modify the days in the segment - just make sure that the values match:


Then, when creating your newsletters (automations are less prone to spamming), be sure to include a filter that will make sure to *remove* any recipient in the "unengaged" segment:

You may feel a slight disheartening when you see the email estimator drop... But be strong and remember - the high number is just a vanity! Most of those people were not going to open your email anyway, and they were damaging your reputation and your chances to actually get through to those prospects that are actually relevant.

If you don't want to completely give up on the unengaged users, you can tailor campaigns just for them, with possibly more unique and interesting subject lines. However - don't email to them more than once a month or so! If they do respond to that email, they will automatically be removed from the "unengaged" segment and will start receiving your more frequent communications.

Good luck, and may deliverability be with you!


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