Remarkety includes a built-in mechanism from protecting your list from fake signups via spambots. This article talks about what spambots are, what damage they can do, and how Remarkety protects your account against them.

What are spambots?

Spambots are programs (commonly known as "scripts") that are written in order to proliferate spam on the internet. Some of them ("registration bots") work by signing up email addresses to legitimate sites. Some hackers use this technique to overwhelm recipients with emails from various unrelated sites because they hacked their account somewhere else and want to confuse them.

Fake registrations can harm your email performance, because you would be unwittingly sending unsolicited emails to unsuspecting users. You would thus be lowering your open rate, your email reputation, and your chances of landing in the inbox for your real users.

How can fake and spambot-created emails make it into Remarkety?

Contacts enter your account in Remarkety from various sources. Some sources make it easier for us to protect you, and some sources require you to place anti-spam measures on your own site.

Remarkety signup forms and popups

When using a signup form from Remarkety, and enabling anti-spam, we redirect the user to a page that requires them to confirm their form signup. The page includes a Google Recaptcha field, which may or may not be visible to your subscribers. This provides excellent protection and should be used.

Both our popups and forms include additional server-side measures to detect spambots. If we detect suspicious activity, we automatically block it and send an email to the account owner. 

You can whitelist IP addresses so that they bypass our spam detection measures. You may want to do this if you've set up a custom integration that sends us bulk registrations from your own CRM, for example. Blacklisted and whitelisted IP's can be managed on the anti-spam settings page.

Signups on your own website

If you have your own signup forms, account registration etc, you need to stop fake registrations on your own site. Otherwise, they will get into your own eCommerce platform, and Remarkety will receive them from there without being able to differentiate between real and fake accounts.


Here are some resources to help you deal with fake signups on your website:



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