With Remarkety’s campaign editor, you can send test emails to yourself to review the campaign before sending it to your mailing list.

In some rare cases, the test emails are not being delivered to your inbox. We know it can be annoying to send test email campaigns and then not receive them. There are a few things that could affect the delivery of your test emails.

To troubleshoot this issue, please check the following:

1. Check your inbox spam/junk folder. The test email may have been delivered there. 

2. Is the email being delivered to other email platforms? 

We recommend to send test campaigns to as many common email servers as possible, like Gmail, in addition to your business email address to make sure the problem is with just one email server.

If the email was delivered to one email platform, and not the other, this usually means that your business email platform may be blocking emails that are sent from your own domain. 

If that is the case, you should consider whitelabeling emails from your domain and try to send another test email afterwards.



If this article still did not help solve the issue, contact support@remarkety.com 


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