On some account levels, you can whitelabel your email sending domain. This means that the emails will be sent from your own domain rather than from remarkety.com, and your users will not see a "sent via remarkety.com" link in gmail. This practice also helps improve email deliverability.

If you are on the Starter plan and up, please contact support in order to help set this up - we will send you specific instructions on how to setup 3 additional DNS records, and that's all you'll need to do!

Note for existing Sendgrid users:

We use Sendgrid's Domain Whitelabeling to provide this feature. If you are already using Sendgrid and have whitelabeled your domain, or are using another service which also uses Sendgrid and have already whitelabeled your domain there, the domain cannot be whitelabeled as-is again for Remarkety, because Sendgrid does not support it.

The solution is to whitelabel a subdomain. So, for example, if your main domain is store.com, you can ask us to whitelabel the subdomain emails.store.com for sending emails. In order for the email to be properly signed, the "From" email address on all of your campaigns will also need to be from this subdomain, so instead of - for example - info@store.com, your emails will need to be from info@emails.store.com .

It's possible to set a "Reply to" address with your primary domain, ie: info@store.com , so that if recipients reply to your email, it will reach your actual inbox.

The "From" and "Reply to" addresses can be set on each campaign, but it's much easier to change all the campaigns at once from the Settings -> Store Info page:

If you want to apply the changes immediately to all of your existing campaigns, check the "Apply now to all campaigns" checkbox and the click Save.

In addition to the Remarkety configuration, there are some DNS settings that you'll need to change. Please contact support@remarkety.com for details.


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