Tracking browse abandonment from other emails

In order for the Browse Abandonment campaigns to work, Remarkety needs to associate our tracking cookie with a specific user. When you send out your emails from Remarkety, the user's email is encrypted and added to every link in every email, so that when your recipients open an email, their product browsing will be tracked and can trigger abandoned browsing campaigns.

However, some users may send their customers emails from other platforms as well, and would like Remarkety to be able to associate these recipients with their tracking cookie. To do so, you need to make sure that all the links from your campaign have this parameter in their URL's:

_rmId=<email>  (note: that's a capital I in there, not a lower-case L)

For example:

How to do this depends on your email platform - the email address is usually available via a "merge tag". For example, in MailChimp, your link would look like:*|EMAIL|*

Please make sure to add this parameter to all of the links in your email. Or, use Remarkety to send out your newsletters as well, and manage all of your email marketing in one place!

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