Using Google Sheets and Zapier to send SMS contacts to Remarkety

Remarkety's integration with Zapier allows you to send SMS contacts to Remarkety via Google Sheets. 

This action allows you to send SMS contacts to Remarkety without needing to manually upload them. 


Step 1: Setting up the Zap

a. Go to and select to Make a Zap. 


b. You will be directed to Zapier's integration page. Make sure to select Google Sheets as the triggering app and New or Updated Spreadsheet Row as the triggering event.

c. Click Continue.


Step 2: Connect the triggering app

On this step you will need to connect your Google Sheets account and spreadsheet to Zapier. 

a. Under Choose Account, click Sign In to your Google Sheets. 

*** If you have previously connected a Google Sheet account,  Connect New Account will appear instead.


b. A popup window will appear that will allow you to connect your Google Sheets account to Zapier. 

Select the G-suite account you wish to connect, and then click on the Allow button on the bottom of the page.


c. Once connecting your Google Sheets account, it is time to set up the trigger. 

  • Select the relevant Drive name
  • Select the Spreadsheet and worksheet you wish to be the triggering Spreadsheet
  • Select the triggering column. 

In the Use case example below, we chose that any column will trigger the Action. 

d. Click Continue to complete setting up the trigger.


Step 3: Setting up the Formatter

In order for you to ensure that the number added in your sheet will be sent to Remarkety as and SMS number (e.164 format), you will need to set up the formatter. To do so:

a. Click the "+" sign between the Triggering app and the Action app.


b. Select the Format, located on the right side of the page. 


c. Under Choose app & event, Select Numbers as the action event and click Continue


d. In the Set Up Action section, define the fields below and click Continue to complete the Formatter action

  • Input
  • To format  - Set to SMS number (e.164 format)
  • Country code
  • If validation is required (we recommend Yes)


Step 4: Setting up the Action app (Remarkety)

a. In the Action section, select Remarkety and as the Action Event, select Add SMS Contact. Click Continue to proceed to connect your Remarkety account. 


b. Choose the Remarkety account you wish to connect. Click Continue to proceed to set up the action.

*** If this is the first time you connect Remarkety to Zapier, you can learn how to go about it here.


c. In the Set Up Action section, define the fields below and click Continue to complete the Remarkety Action set up:

  • Select the SMS number from the Numbers Formatter (not the spreadsheet)
  • Select the Email address from the spreadsheet. 

You can add other data (not mandatory to complete the integration) like, name, segmentation tag, Does double opt-in required? Etc. See use case example below: 


d. Test the action to ensure all was set up correctly and that the SMS number was added as expected in your Remarkety account. 


Once you confirmed that the test was executed successfully , Click on Turn On Zap to complete the integration. 


And that's it! Now that the Zap is active any new phone number added/updated to a new row inside your Google Sheet, will update/create an SMS contact in your Remarkety account.










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