Integrating Nosto Segments with Remarkety

Our new Nosto integration supports the ability to automatically synchronize segments built and managed by Nosto straight into Remarkety!

About the integration 

Users can set up segments within Nosto based on custom onsite behavior. When synchronized, these segments become available as Remarkety segments as well, which can be used when targeting specific audiences with emails and SMS. 

When a Nosto segment is synced into Remarkety, a “mirror” segment with the same name will automatically be created in Remarkety and will appear on the Segments page. The segment cannot be further modified within Remarkety, only within Nosto.

Segments are synced daily and are not updated in real-time. Due to the way that Nosto creates the segments and the communication between the systems, the segment updates can sometimes take up to 48 hours.

Nosto identifies members of the segments by their email addresses. If a contact with the email address already exists in Remarkety, that existing contact will be placed into the Remarkety mirror segment. If the email address is not recognized by Remarkety, a new contact will automatically be created, added, and placed in the segment. Note: The “marketing status” of this new contact will be “Unknown”.

Integration setup

1. Inside your Nosto account, enable segment exports:

  • Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Segment Exportimage.png
  • Add the Segment identifier:
    and press Submit.
  • Once your identifier has been added, click Enable, which will immediately create an access token. Copy the access token for the next step. 

2. Switch to your Remarkety dashboard. Go to Settings -> Integrations.

3. Find the Nosto integration and the bottom of the page and insert the access token you copied. screenshot_from_2021-04-18_15-13-43.png

4. Press update, and that’s it! 

Nosto has already begun creating a file with your account’s contacts and segments. It will take about 24 hours for the first sync of this file to be completed. Thereafter, your Remarkety account will be resynced with Nosto every 24-48 hours. 

Read here for more information on How to export segments via Nosto. 

With any questions, reach out to us at

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