Note: This feature is currently in beta. Please contact support to enable it for your store.

Naturally, Remarkety accepts data from a number of sources, most significantly your eCommerce backoffice, website and forms.

Sometimes you may also want to get events back from Remarkety regarding email activity and unsubscribes. You may want, for example:

- To update your organization's CRM when a customer unsubscribes

- To inform your analytics systems about email engagement in order to provide more depth around customer engagement with your brand

- To trigger other processes based on specific events, such as when a user clicks a "confirm" button in an email

To support the integration workflows, it is now possible to define outgoing webhooks. You provide an https endpoint, and we will POST a JSON payload to that endpoint containing the details of the event.

For detailed instructions regarding the event format, please see here. Once you have your endpoint set up, you can configure Remarkety to use it by going to:

Settings -> Outgoing Webhooks

and adding a webhook endpoint. You can add any endpoint to any event, and also request an event to be posted to more than one endpoint. Click "Send test notification" to test out your endpoint by sending a single event.

Failures and Retries

If your endpoint is not available, Remarkety will retry sending each event. Read here about our retry policy. 

Important note regarding load:

If you select the "email/sent" or "email/delivered" events, a distinct event will be sent on every email send. If you send out a large newsletter, your endpoint may be hit with hundreds of requests/sec. Please be sure that when selecting to receive these events, your endpoint is equipped to handle the possible load.

Our team has also developed adaptors which can send to other event streams such as Kinesis and Kafka. Lets us know if you are interested in hearing more about these integrations.



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