Collecting SMS Phone numbers using Zapier

Remarkety's Zapier integration allows you to collect contacts for both Email and SMS marketing.

This article will show you how to use the "SMS Phone Number (E.164)" field in Zapier, for the full article about using the integration from scratch see this article.

Remarkety expect to receive the phone numbers formatted as E.164 international number,
if you are not sure whether the source application provide the phone number in E.164 format or in a local format, you can use Zapier's formatter to convert the phone number from any format to E.164.

  1. Start a new Zap or edit an existing one.
  2. In the first step, select your source application (For example: Typeform / Privy).
  3. If the phone number is not in E.164 format or you are not sure, follow these steps, otherwise skip to the next step:
    1. Add a "Do this" step to the Zap.
    2. Select the "Formatter by Zapier" app and "Numbers" as the event.
    3. Under "Transform" select "Format Phone Number".
    4. In Input, select the field from the source integration to be the phone number field.
    5. The "To Format" should be E.164, and you should select a default country code to use if the number does not include the country code in it.
    6. Click "Continue" and then "Test & Review" to make sure the output field is in E.164 format.
  4. In the "Do This" step, choose the Remarkety app.
  5. Under "Action Event" select "Add Contact" and then choose your Remarkety account that you integrated with Zapier or integrate a new account.
  6. In the "Customize Contact" make sure the following:
    1. The Email field should be taken from the source app field.
    2. The SMS Phone Number field should be taken from the Zapier Formatter E.164 field instead of the source app field.
  7. Configure the rest of the optional fields, if they are relevant.
  8. Click "Continue" and then "Test & Continue" to complete this step and check if the new contact was added to Remarkety with an SMS Phone Number as shown in the test data.
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