Remarkety now supports importing segments created by external BI systems via SFTP.

To turn this feature on, please contact support.

Once enabled, you can import complete segments into Remarkety by generating CSV files and uploading them via SFTP to our servers. 

A single file contains all the current contacts in the segment. Contacts that are currently in the Remarkety segment but are not present in the file will be removed from the segment, and contacts which are new will enter the segment in Remarkety. Contacts present in the file which were already present in the segment will be left unchanged.

The contact information is also updated based on the information in the file. So if, for example, the segment file contains a "first_name" column, then that information will be updated from the file for all contacts.

Imported File Structure

The imported file is a ASCII or UTF-8 encoded CSV file. The structure and fields are defined here.

Setting up a Segment Import

Once imported segments are enabled on your account, then in your Segments page, click "New Segment", and select "Imported Segment" from the popup:


Once you click Select, a new imported segment will be created and you will be shown the Configuration tab of the segment, which contains the exact filename that you should use when sending us this segment. 

Please be sure to use the exact filename format specified. Your specific configuration will include a distinct STOREID and SEGMENTID, but there is also a "timestamp" component which will need to vary based on when you are generating the segment file. This is to make sure that we process the files in order.

The username and SSH Key will be sent to you by our support when segment importing is enabled.




Validating the Import

Once you upload your first segment file, within a few minutes you will see the import job in the table at the bottom of the segment configuration tab. You can then view the results of the import, as well as the number of contacts added and removed from the segment by each specific file.

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