Swell's integration with Remarkety allows merchants to better segment their clients and personalize their messaging by connecting their Marketing Automation strategy with their Incentive Marketing program. Incentive Marketing paired with Email Marketing Automation has been proven to increase engagement and customer life time value (CLTV).

With this integration you will be able to include properties like: customer's points balance, VIP tier and referral link in any and all of your emails! You can also segment customers and personalize your message for newsletter blasts and automations based on their point balance and tier.

After enabling the Swell Rewards integration on Remarkety, your Swell's data will be synchronized automatically (in real-time) to Remarkety.

What you'll need:

  1. A working Swell Rewards account.
  2. A working Remarkety account - there is no extra charge for the Swell Rewards integration.

Setting up

  1. In Remarkety, go to: Settings -> Integrations, find the Swell Rewards integration.
  2. Open your Swell account settings at https://app.swellrewards.com/settings 
    If you have multiple Swell accounts, make sure to switch to the correct one.
  3. Copy the API Key and GUID from your Swell account to Remarkety's integrations page.


  4. In Remarkety, click "Integrate".
  5. If everything is ok, you will now see a new field in Remarkety: your unique Swell webhooks endpoint:


  6. Copy the "Webhook URL" from Remarkety to your settings page on Swell into "Webhook URL".

That's it! From now on, Remarkety will get live updates from Swell about any VIP Tier changes or points balance.

Importing existing data from Swell

Setting up the webhooks will make sure Remarkety gets live updates from Swell, but in order to be able to see the current points of all the customers, you will need to import the existing customer data from Swell into Remarkety. You only need to do this once.

  1. In Swell, go to "Customers" and click "Export".
  2. Once you receive the customer data as a CSV to your email you can import it to Remarkety.
  3. In Remarkety, go to Contacts > Manage Contacts
  4. Click "Upload from file".
  5. Upload the CSV file your received from Swell
  6. Match the columns from the CSV to the fields in Remarkety:
    • Email
    • points_balance => Swell points balance
    • referral_link => Swell referral link
    • vip_tier => Swell VIP tier name
  7. Make sure to select "Ignore first line (Title)"
  8. Make sure to select "If contact already exists, then override data with the new imported data from this file".
  9. Click "Finish"


About Swell

Swell is an incentive marketing platform built to help eCommerce businesses drive repeat purchases, evangelize existing customers, and engage shoppers. Their fully customizable rewards, referral, and influencer technologies can be operated as powerful standalone tools or combined as part of a suite.

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