Setting up Remarkety and Dyn Email Delivery

To setup the Remarkety-Dyn integration, you need to:

- Generate an API key in Dyn, and setup Remarkety to send emails using this key

- Define callback URL's in Dyn, so that Remarkety can be notified of bounces and spam

- Setup X-Headers in Dyn, so that reports can be filtered in Dyn using the campaign ID.

- Make sure that Dyn's "Approved Senders" match your "From email" address

- Test the integration


Generating and using a Dyn API Key

You can create a Dyn API key by going to Dyn' Integration page and generating an API key if one does not exist. If it does, we can use that one.


Send this API key to Remarkety's support team, and we will update your account for you. (A self-service option is coming up...)

Define URL Callbacks in Dyn

We ask Dyn to let us know when an email bounces or is marked as spam. Dyn does this via Postback URLs, which are also defined on the same Integration page as the API key.

Copy-paste these values exactly as-is to the appropriate fields, and be sure to check each Postback URL as "Active":

Bounce Postback URL:

Spam Complaint Postback URL:

List-Unsubscribe Postback URL:

The final settings should look like this:

Setup X-Headers

Remarkety automatically adds headers to each email sent, that will allow Dyn's app to filter their reports based on these settings. To set this up, on the same integration page, go to the X-Headers section and set the following values:

X-Header1 Name:


X-Header2 Name:


X-Header3 Name:


X-Header4 Name:



The final setup should look like this:

Approved Senders

Finally, you need to make sure that emails sent by Remarkety have a "From" address that matches your Dyn's approved senders.

The setup on Dyn is done on this page, for example:

Note: Of course "" is just for illustration - you should be using our own email address here :)

Once you've verified your Dyn senders, make sure that they match Remarkety's default "From" email address in Remarkety's Settings -> Store Info -> Default "From" email address configuration:

 Click "Save" and that's it! If you've already setup campaigns and want to reconfigure them all to use this address, check "Apply now to all campaigns" before clicking Save.

Testing the Integration

You can test the integration by sending a "test email" from the Preview tab of any Remarkety campaign. After a few minutes, you will be able to see this send on Dyn's Dashboard and Reports -> Sent page:


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