Creating UTF-8 encoded CSV files

When uploading contact lists to Remarkety with information that's not always in English, you may run into trouble with the file encoding, which means that names, addresses etc will show up as gibberish.

Remarkety supports uploads of contacts lists encoded with UTF8. However, the CSV file you have may be generated from a system which encoded the file differently. Here's how to convert the file to UTF-8 with Microsoft Excel 2016 (other versions should be similar):

1. Open up a new Excel document with a blank workbook.

2. In the Data ribbon, select: "From CSV/Text".

3. Find the CSV file you want to import, and choose it.

4. In the "File Origin" dropdown, select the file's current encoding. Excel will preview the data so make sure that it shows up properly.


5. Click "Load"

6. Now, you should have a workbook with the data properly visible. To export the data into a UTF-8 encoded CSV, simply choose File -> Save As and select CSV UTF-8 as the file type. 

Click Save and viola! You've just converted a non-UTF8 to a UTF8 encoded file which you can upload to Remarkety.

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