You probably know all about Remarkety's dynamic coupon feature, which lets you create custom, time-limited coupon codes, or automatically pull codes from an uploaded list.

What if you already created a personalized coupon in one campaign, and simply want to remind people about it if they haven't made an order yet?

To re-send a coupon in a followup campaign, check the "Use coupon from previous campaign" checkbox, and then choose the campaign which originally created the coupon code (1). It's also a good idea to add a filter that makes sure that the recipient did in fact receive the previous email, and did not make an order since the last campaign was sent (2). Additionally, you may want to define a "fallback strategy" in case the a coupon wasn't actually sent to that recipient, but in that case you don't want the coupon code in the email to be empty, but rather just generate a new one (3).



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