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We use Shopper Approved for our product reviews. I would like to email customers a link to submit a product review for a recently purchased product.

I need to be able to insert the products id's for the products that they ordered. 


Using Remarkety's "Order Follow Up/Feedback Request" automation campaigns, you are able to connect a recently purchased item to its Shopper Approved survey page. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. In your Remarkety dashboard, create or edit your Order Follow-Up or Feedback Request campaigns. In this case, we will create an order follow-up campaign from scratch. 

save image

2. Set up the campaign subject line and segmentation as you see fit and progress to the Design page.  In order for you to direct the shopper to the correct survey page, you will need to add a correctly formatted link. In the design section, add a Call-To-Action Button. 


3. After dragging the Call-To-Action button to the editor, select the CTA content block to access its menu. Paste the code below inside the CTA's Action box, but before you do, make sure to add the correct Shopper Approved ID and code which are assigned to your Shopper Approved account. Once you successfully added the correct url, click OK.[]={$lineitem.product.productPageUrl|replace:'':''}%20



And that's it!

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