Convert your Excel spreadsheet into CSV format (comma separated)

When you upload a contact list to Remarkety, you need to ensure that the file is a valid CSV - Comma Separated file format.

Normally, when saving an Excel file as a CSV, a comma will be used as the delimiter between columns.  However, there are cases where the delimiter will be set up as semi-colon or something else and then you might encounter an error when trying to upload your list. 

Fortunately, it's a really easy fix. Follow these steps to verify that when exporting an Excel File as CSV, it will be saved with a comma delimiter and no other character.

* This article uses Windows 10

1.  From your Desktop, search and select "Control Panel"



2. In the Control Panel page window, click "Clock and Region" 


3. On the Clock and Region window, click and open the "Additional Settings" window. 


4. In the next window called "Customized Format" make sure that the "List separator" is a comma (",") and not a different character. 


Click the OK button to save your changes. 

5. CSV files should now be saved in the proper format. To save an excel spreadsheet as CSV, go to

Home->Save as-> and select to save as CSV (Comma delimited).


You can ensure the file is actually comma-delimited by opening it with Notepad and see that the columns are actually separated with the a comma.

For example:



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