When connecting Remarkety to your Facebook ad accounts, you may not see the right Facebook ad account to connect with. This means that your personal Facebook user is not authorized to perform actions on your business's ad account, and so you cannot connect Remarkety to it.

There are several ways to solve this:

1. If you are using a different Facebook login to manage your ad accounts, make sure that you are logged into Facebook with that user when connecting Remarkety.

2. If that's not the case and you have a single personal account, you will need an admin for the Facebook ad account to grant you permissions, and then you'll see that ad account as an option in Remarkety as well. For your convenience, we've detailed how to do this below.

In this example, "Guy Harel" is the current admin of the business's Facebook ad account, which is called "Guy Harel" as well. "Bnaya Livne" is the person using Remarkety which wants to connect Remarkety to the account.

So, here we go:

Guy logs in to Facebook Ad Manager with his account, and goes to the Settings page:

Guy makes sure that the correct Ad Account is selected (1), and then clicks "Add People" (2):

Guy searches for Bnaya Livne, and clicks "Confirm". Important: They need to be Facebook friends for this to work...

At this point, if Bnaya logs into Facebook Ad Manager, he sees the "Guy Harel" ad account as well.


Now, it's Bnaya's turn! Back in Remarkety, Bnaya clicks Settings -> Integrations, and "Setup Integration" under the Facebook section:

After confirming with Facebook, Remarkety will ask which Ad Account needs to be connected to Remarkety. Bnaya chooses the "Guy Harel" account, because that's the business account:

That's it! Remarkety is now connected to the business ad account.



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