We've made integrating Yotpo and Remarkety as easy as possible so that you can immediately increase conversions by embedding authentic, high-performing product reviews in your emails with almost no extra work!


After connecting Yotpo and Remarkety, Remarkety will synchronize all your existing product reviews and then keep on updating them in real-time. Once connected, you will be able to show in your emails details like: number of reviews, the average rating, as well as the top-performing reviews themselves. You can use any and all information, but in the email format we've found that # of reviews, star rating and the review title are the best use of limited space.

What you'll need:

1. A working Yotpo account

2. A working Remarkety account - there is no extra charge for the Yotpo integration.

Setting up

1. Make sure you are logged into both Remarkety and Yotpo.

2. In Remarkety, go to: Settings -> Integrations, find the Yotpo integration and click Setup Integration


3. Confirm Yotpo's authorization request:

And that's it! Remarkety will start synching your product reviews in the background. This should only take a few minutes.

Embedding Product Reviews The Easy Way

When editing emails you will notice 2 new blocks with a "star" icon. (Note: We have added these blocks only to built-in Remarkety templates. If you are using a custom template, see the "the less easy way" below.) One is for reviews-enabled product recommendations, and the other for reviews-enabled order/cart information:

You can simply drag-and-drop these blocks into your email design, and that's it!

You'll notice that the extra tags required by the block may slightly mess with the design layout, but don't worry - switch to "Preview" and you'll see that everything looks good when rendered.

Embedding Product Reviews The Slightly Less Easy Way

You can manually edit the product recommendations block or the order items block and add the review parts into it. If you don't see the pre-built reviews-enabled blocks, you may be using a custom template. No worries - reviews can be added easily since they are "injected" into the tags used in the email. There's a bit of clever use of our advanced templating language in order to ensure that:

- Ratings are shown as stars

- Reviews are quoted, but no quotes are shown if there is no review title

- Nothing is shown if there are no reviews at all for this product.

In order to dynamically add reviews into a product recommendation, enter the text area of the product's price (we recommend adding the code here so that the titles are level), and open the Source Code window:

Copy-paste this code, substituting "1" and "2" for the second and third products as necessary:

<p>{if $r[0].reviews}{$r[0].reviews.avg|stars:15} {$r[0].reviews.total} Reviews<br>{$r[0].reviews.r[0].title|quote}<br>{else}<br><br>{/if}{$r[0].price}</p>

What this code means:

{if ...}...{else}...{/if}: This is provided to check if there are any reviews, otherwise add a few blank lines so that the template is not lop-sided when one product has reviews and the other doesn't.

{$r[0].reviews.avg|stars:15}: Get the average rating, and convert it into "stars" images.

{$r[0].reviews.total}: The total # of reviews this product has

{$r[0].reviews.r[0].title|quote}: Get the first review, and put it in quotes if it isn't empty.

Note that Yotpo sends us reviews ranked by effectiveness, so taking the first review doesn't mean we're taking the first (or last) review written about this product, but rather the most effective review as determined by Yotpo's AI.

Let us know your thoughts and comments, we'd love to hear about how you're making use of this integration and what results you're seeing !


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