After enabling the integration on Remarkety, Remarkety will sync all the customers data from with their up-to-date points balance, VIP Tier information, and referral links. We will then keep updating them in real-time.

Once connected, you will be able to include the customer's current points balance, VIP tier, referral link in any and all of your emails! You can also segment customers for newsletter blasts and automations based on their point balance and tier.

What you'll need:

  1. A working account on a plan that has access to Smile Apps.
  2. A working Remarkety account - there is no extra charge for the integration.

Setting up

  1. Make sure you are logged into both Remarkety and
  2. In Remarkety, go to: Settings -> Integrations, find the integration and click "Setup Integration".

  3. Confirm's authorization request:


  4. And that's it! Remarkety will start synching your data in the background. This should only take a few minutes.

Filter contacts based on their VIP Tier or points balance

On the campaigns segmentation, "Manage Contacts" and "Segments" screens you will find 2 new conditions:

  1. Customer's total reward points - lets you filter contacts based on their current points balance.
  2. Customer's VIP tier - lets you filter contacts based on their current VIP Tier.
  3. Customer is in rewards program - lets you filter contacts if they are part of rewards program or not. You might have some contacts on Remarkety that are not on (for example, if you imported a contacts list from file).

Using the status inside your emails

You can use the following fields inside your email templates in order to embed the reciepients' status in your emails:

  1. {$} - current points balance
  2. {$} - current VIP Tier name
  3. {$} - Current VIP Tier icon url
  4. {$} - The customer's referral URL. You can use this as the "Target URL" when creating a link, button, etc.


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