Installing website tracking for Yahoo stores

To install website tracking for your Yahoo store, the following script needs to be embedded to all pages of your store, including the checkout page.

The script can be injected into the store Theme, or added using Google Tag Manager.

<script type="text/javascript" async src="{STORE_ID}"></script>

*Make sure to replace {STORE_ID} with the store id from your Remarkety account, found under Settings > API Keys.


In this article we will focus on adding the above code to your store Theme files.

  1. Login to your store backend at
  2. Go to Store Editor.          wt1.png
  3. Make sure you are in “Advanced mode.” If not, click on the right-pointing red arrow:wt2.png   
  4. In “Advanced mode” click on “Variables:wt3.png   
  5. Search for the “Head-tags” text area, and paste the webtracking script from above into the text area. Make sure to replace the {STORE_ID} parameter with your public store id.wt5.png 
  6. Click “Update” on the Variables page.                                                                                                     
  7. Click “Publish Options.wt6.png       
  8. Select “Publish All” and click “Publish.wt7.png
  9. Now, we need to add the script to the checkout and cart pages.                                                             
  10. Go to “Checkout & Registration Manager:wt8.png
  11. On the “Shopping Cart” settings, add the webtracking script to the “HTML Head Section” text area:
    wt0.png        Click “Save."                                                                                                                                         
  12. Make sure to do the same on the following pages:
    Shopping Cart, Shipping Information, Billing Information and Order Confirmation                        wt10.png     
  13. Go back to the store manager, and click “Publish Order Settings.wt11.png
  14. On the next page, click “Publish.
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