If you are using ActiveTrail in conjunction with Remarkety, one of the most important things to set up is a 2-way integration for unsubscribes, so that the systems can communicate and inform each other when users opt-out (unsubscribe).

Note: This integration was updated in January 2019, so even if you've set this up before - please make sure to set it up again using the following process.

The 2-way integration is setup by:

1. Creating an API Access Token in ActiveTrail

2. Setting up the integration in Remarkety

3. Run an initial sync of unsubscribers between Remarkety and ActiveTrail


Creating an API Access Token in ActiveTrail

Please use ActiveTrail's instructions, found here. Look under the "Log in via an access token" section, and make sure to copy the access token you are shown.

Setting up in Remarkety

Go to integrations section in Remarkety, and scroll down to find ActiveTrail.

Enter your API Access Token in the "Access Token" field, and click "Update". We will test the token, and automatically set up both sides of the integration for you.

That's it!

Uploading Current ActiveTrail Unsubscribers to Remarkety

In ActiveTrail, go to: Contacts -> All Contacts. Filter the table to get only unsubscribers or other blocked recipients, and then export.


Once you receive the exported file, open it in Excel and remove all the columns except "Email". Save the file as a UTF-8 encoded CSV (how to), and import the list into Remarkety by going to Contacts -> Suppressions and clicking "Upload List".

Uploading Remarkety Unsubscribers to ActiveTrail

Go to Remarkety's Suppressions page, and filter for "Unsubscribed":


Export the list by clicking "Download", and you'll receive a file containing these users.

In ActiveTrail, go to Contacts -> Groups and create a new group called, for example, "Remarkety unsubscribers". Import the file you got from Remarkety into that group, and contact ActiveTrail support asking them to unsubscribe everyone in that group for you.


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