Uploading custom fields to Remarkety

With Remarkety, you can upload any list of contacts into your Remarkety account and then target these people as part of your email marketing strategy. To learn how to upload contacts to Remarkety, click here. 

Also, you are now able to import a file with multiple custom fields and use them in a Remarkety campaign. To upload custom fields to Remarkety, follow these steps:

1. To upload a file containing custom field data, you will first need to format the column/s in your csv file.

For example:


2. In your Remarkety account, go to your Manage Contacts page, and click on "Upload from file". 

save image3.  Give your list a tag (optional). You can create a new tag or use an existing one to add more contacts to a specific existing tag. Then, click on "Choose file", select the csv file to upload. Once the csv file name is listed in the "csv file" box, click on the "Upload" button. 

save image

4. Once you finished Step 1, you will be redirected to Step 2. In step 2 you will be required to match the file columns with your subscriber list field. Make sure to assign the correct built-in fields, but select "Add new field" for the custom field and in the box to its right, plug in the field name you wish to use.

** Make sure to check the "ignore first line (title) in the bottom to avoid accidentally uploading your titles to your Remarkety contact list.

save image

5. After completing this step click on the “Finish adding subscribers” button to begin the upload process.

6. Once the upload is complete, you can make sure the custom field is properly added to your Remarkety account from the uploaded contact's activity page. 

save image

You are also able to use the new custom field within your campaign editor.

save image


***The custom field does have a limitation. You cannot filter based on custom fields (YET - currently in development). The custom tags are only useful for adding data to the email content.


If you have any additional questions about uploading custom fields to your remarkety account, contact support@remarkety.com 

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