The Suppressions list is a list of email addresses, to whom - for some reason or another (detailed below) - marketing emails will not be sent. (See this article about marketing status in general).

Email addresses with an active suppression will not be sent marketing emails, regardless of the contacts "Opt-in" field.

It's a good practice when migrating to Remarkety from a different ESP, to upload the list of "unsubscribers" to the suppressions list as well as uploading the "active subscribers" to the contacts page. This is to ensure that if an unsubscribed email address is resynched into Remarkety from the eCommerce platform or uploaded by mistake, that contact will not be mistakenly sent emails.

Managing Suppressions

Suppressions are managed on the Contacts -> Suppressions page:

On this page, you can:

1. Upload a list of email addresses to be suppressed, from a text file. This can be a list exported from an existing ESP. The file needs to contain email addresses only, one email per line.

2. Add a single email address to suppress straight from the app.

3. Download the filtered list of suppressions.

4. Filter suppressions based on the suppression type (see below) and the date they were suppressed.

5. Remove a single suppression from the list. 

6. Unsuppress a group of contacts via csv file. To learn how to click here


Suppression Reasons

Here are the reasons an email address can end up suppressed:


If the contact unsubscribed from your list by clicking "Unsubscribe" in a Remarkety email, they will automatically be suppressed. You as an admin cannot remove this suppression... The only way is for the customer themselves to re-subscribe via a signup form, popup, etc.

Manually Suppressed

The email was manually added by a Remarkety user to this list, either through adding an email in the Remarkety app or by uploading an "Unsubscribe" list. This suppression can be removed by a Remarkety user.

Hard Bounce

The email has bounced several times, or the ISP has informed us that the mailbox is invalid or does not exist.

Soft Bounce

The email bounced but this might be a temporary glitch. This suppression is usually safe to delete after a while.

Spam Complaint

The recipient has marked at least one of your emails as spam. As a precaution, we will suppress this user so that they do not continue to damage your email reputation.

Pending opt-in

This suppression is in place for recipients who've signed up to your list but haven't confirmed their email ("double opt-in"). Until they do so, this suppression is in place. Mind that "double opt-in", although sounding cumbersome, is a sound way to keep your list clean from bots and unengaged customers.

Domain Suppressed

The email's domain should never receive any marketing emails. This can happen when you use your eCommerce to sell on other channels, such as Amazon or eBay. You usually get an email address that belongs to the marketplace and hides the real customer's email, and the platforms usually restrict you from sending anything but basic followup emails. Remarkety helps you manage this issue by automatically suppressing common platform domains.




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