Remarkety's segmentation allows you to set conditions/filters that must be met in order to target a specific audience. 

How does Remarkety handle 'AND' & 'OR' operators inside the segmentation filters? 

Additional filters are connected with an 'AND' statement

For example: 


This means that in order meet the criteria, the contact must meet ALL the conditions. Customer needs to have less than 5 completed orders AND one or more of the listed tags. 


Options inside the same field are considered as an 'OR' statement

For example: 

This means that in order meet the criteria, contact must have ANY (one or more) of the listed customer tags. 


Special case: 

How to create an 'OR' statement for 2 mutually exclusive filters? 

In order to create an 'OR' condition, you will have to create 2 (or more) separate Segments and use them in the same filter.

For example: 

Customer's segment is one of: SegmentA OR SegmentB

Use case:

In order for you to target contacts that have the tag "Office Pro" OR contacts who's number of completed orders is LESS THAN 5, do the following:

1. Create a segment of contacts with the tag Office Pro.
In the example, the segment's name is "Office Pro".

2. Create a second segment of contacts that have LESS THAN 5 completed orders.
In the example, the segment's name is "Less Than Five".

3. While creating the campaign that you would like to target contacts from "Office Pro" or "Less Than Five", add the following filter in the campaign settings: 


This campaign will be sent to contacts in the "Less Than Five" segment OR the "Office Pro" segment. 

To learn more about Segments feature, click here. 


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