Measuring the contact list fluctuation over time


Where can I see the changes of the contact list size over time? 


In the Remarkety dashboard, you can identify the amount of contacts that are added to your mailing list during a certain time-frame. Using the date filter in the Remarkety dashboard you can select a specific date range (1/29/2019-1/30/2020 for example), Up to rage (Month-To-Date, Year-To-Date, etc. ), or all-time. 

Example of the date selector:


Example of where you can review the contact increase over time:




How can I track the fluctuation of my marketing allowed contacts, over time? 



Using Remarkety's Segments feature, you can create a list of your Marketing Allowed - Yes contacts. 

In the segment you create, you can track the fluctuation of your marketble contacts in a detailed graph. 

You can access the graph from the Analytics tab. 


Example of a contact fluctuation graph inside a Remarkety segment: 


You can learn more about Remarkety's Segments feature here. 


To learn more information Remarkety's list-building tools, contact 

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