Email and SMS suppressions are both managed from unique pages within Remarkety’s dashboard.

If a contact unsubscribes from an email, they will not necessarily be unsubscribed from receiving SMS messages (and vice versa). 

There are, however, two settings inside your Remarkety account, that can enable the synchronization fo email and SMS opt-outs with each other. This way, if a contact opts-out via text, their email will also be suppressed. 

To define opt-out rules:

On the SMS settings page inside your dashboard are two separate settings to manage their synchronization. 

1. Will an email unsubscribe lead to an SMS unsubscribe?


2. Will an SMS unsubscribe lead to an email unsubscribe?



Without these two settings turned on, opting-out will remain unique per channel. If these settings are enabled, unsubscribing from one channel will automatically unenroll the contact from the other channel, as well. 

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