Welcome emails are one of the most important automation campaigns to have set up. Not only do welcome emails provide warm welcome to your new subscribers, they also provide them with relevant content at the right time, when they are psychologically ready. When someone visits your website and submits their email, it means they are seriously interested in your products or service.

To create your first welcome email in Remarkety, take the following steps: 

1. In your Remarkety dashboard, go to Automations->Create an Automation.


2. Once clicked on the Create an Automation button, you will be directed to a screen that allows to choose between different automation type campaigns. Scroll to the bottom to find the Welcome Email. 

Inside the Welcome email box, select Create Email.


3. You should be directed to the Welcome email's campaign editor. Inside the editor, you can:

a. Add the email's subject line. 


b. Determine when the email will get send out. Notice that the only thing that can be changed in this section is the number of days increments.

0 means ASAP, 1 day means 1 day after registration, and so forth. 


c. Set up the campaign's segmentation.


For a full list and description of the available segmentation filters Remarkety offers, click here. 

d. Set up the coupon you would like to send with the email (if applicable). 


To learn more about coupons, click here. 

e. Select the type of product recommendations you want displayed in the email.


It is recommended to use "Store Best Sellers" in your Welcome Email. 

To learn more about the types of product recommendations available, click here.


4. Proceed to "Design" and design the campaign as you see fit. 

To learn how to design an email, click here.


5. Proceed to the Preview section to make sure your campaign design is good-to-go.

For tips and tricks to help making sure your campaign design looks good, click here. 


6. Proceed to the Run Campaign section and Activate the email. 

To do so, select the "Run" radio button and click on "Save and Close." 


And that's it!




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