Is there anything you can do to reach contacts that have the "pending opt-in" suppression type for a while? 


When it comes to contacts who are "pending opt-in", we recommend caution. Even though You might be certain that some of these "pending opt in" contacts might be shoppers who just missed this first opt in email, they might also be spam traps and fake emails.

***Sending promotional emails to spam traps and fake contacts can seriously jeopardize your sender's reputation with email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail, and Etc.***

Remarkety offers a better-suited solution to help you contact these "pending opt-in" contacts, safely: 

While using Remarkety's batch update feature, you can re-send the opt-in email to contacts with the "pending opt-in" suppression type. 

To do so: 

1. In your Remarkety account, go to your Manage contacts page. 

2. Inside the Manage Contacts page, add the filter "Email Suppression Type", and make sure it points to the suppression type - "pending opt-in". 

For example:


3. Then, your contact list will be segmented according to the filter you selected (The contact list should only display contacts that have the "pending opt-in" suppression type). 

4. Click on the Actions drop-down box and select "Resend opt-in email".

That action will send all contacts with the "pending opt-in" suppression type the opt-in email, for the second time.

If the contact is authentic and is still interested in reeving marketing emails from you, then he/she will confirm the double opt-in, this time around. 

If not, then we suggest to not try to contact them, because of the aforementioned reasons. 

You can learn more about Remarkety's batch update feature here


To learn more about managing your contact list in Remarkety, contact your dedicated success manager or 

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