Why are there duplicate contacts in my account and how can I get rid of them?

Remarkety manages one holistic contact list and assures that we will not add any duplicate contacts. However, there are instances, where duplicate contacts appear in your Remarkety account.


Legitimate duplicate contacts - Same email, different shopper ID:
There are cases where two or more different shoppers create 2 different accounts on your eCommerce while using the same email address.

For example:

The Remarkety system will not ignore these contacts if they have different shopper IDs - even if they have the same email address. Technically, all 4 shopper ID’s were fetched directly from your eCommerce.

** It is important to understand that Remarkety will not send the same email twice to the same contact. We added a mechanism to our campaign editor that combs the list of recipients before the campaign is officially sent and prevents the email from being sent twice to the same user. **

However, unverifiable duplicate contacts can negatively affect your list hygiene and your monthly bill. Make sure to contact support@remarkety.com as soon as you identify duplicate contacts in your account so they can clean your list and investigate the root cause of the duplicate contacts.




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