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We try hard to be the #1 email provider with the highest email deliverability in the market. You trust us with your business because we provide high quality of service. To keep it that way, Remarkety requires that all your subscribers sign up and give you their permission to send them emails. To build a healthy email list, we recommend that you use a double opt-in process. A double opt-in signup helps verify that you have permission to send mail to a subscriber. Remarkety's sign-up form has built-in process of double opt-in.

Why Double Opt-In?

Regardless of new laws and regulations in this field, marketing is built on trust. Trust between you (business) and the customer. A double opt-in is a two step process. A subscriber fills out a signup form and then receives a simple email with a link to confirm their email address. Once the customer clicks the link, he/she will be redirected to a "thank you" page with your logo and "call to action" linked back to your website. It is that simple.

If the customer skips the first step and doesn't click the link in the email, he/she won't be added to your Remarkety's contact list as a marketable contact, but as Pending opt in suppressed. You can learn more about different suppression types, click here.

You can upload/import contacts directly to Remarkety. These contacts will NOT get any opt-in email confirmation. However, you should never import purchased lists of subscribers, people you haven't contacted for more than 2 years or obtained the email addresses from a third party. This can cause compliance issues in your account.

Double Opt-In to increase customer engagement

The double opt-in process ensures that you target subscribers who really want to get your emails. These customers have higher engagement over time, which means more opens, more clicks and less unsubscribes. More important - more sales!!!

Since Remarkety sends a confirmation email, the email address must be a valid one. Otherwise, it want be added to your contact list. It ensures you a real and healthy email list. 

Protection from spammers

It also protects you against malicious bots and spammers. If a spammer or a bot signs up for your list and starts reporting your emails as spam, you'll have the confirmation IP address, time, and date saved in Remarkety, so you'll be able to prove that they confirmed interest in your list.

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