If you would like to remove contacts from your mailing list without deleting them completely, we recommend to suppress them. You can do this for a specific one contact, or "suppress" a large list in bulk by uploading a file.

There are two ways to suppress contacts - via the Contacts page, and via the Suppression page.

Contacts Page - Unsubscribing / Deleting a Single Contact

Go to Contacts -> Manage Contacts, and search for the email address of the contact you'd like to suppress. Then click on the contact's email in the search results:

In the resulting page, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the "Unsubscribe Contact" button. That's it!

* What's the difference between "Unsubscribe" and "Delete"?

Unsubscribing a contact will make sure that the contact does not receive any emails from you, and is not counted towards your billing quota. You will still see this contact in your Contacts list however, and be able to see their email history, suppression history, etc. 99% of the time, this is what you'd want to do.

Deleting a contact will remove them from your contacts list, so that you won't be able to search for them, view their history, etc. This is usually only done when you want to delete test accounts.

Contacts Page - Batch Suppressions

If you want to quickly suppress (unsubscribe) a bunch of your contacts based on some criteria (for example - contacts who haven't opened any email in the past 6 months), you can use our filtering options in the contacts page to create a list, and then "Batch Suppress" them using the "Actions" dropdown.

Be careful!! You can easily suppress more contacts than you intended. Make sure that the results of the filter are reasonable before applying the "Suppress" action.

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Using the Suppressions page

First, you will click the Contacts menu item on the left side of your Remarkety dashboard and select Suppressions.

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From there, you will have two options for suppressing users based on the size of your list.

Suppress a single email: 

Click on the "Add 1 email" button. Once you did, you will plug in the email address you wish to suppress.

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Bulk contact list: 

Upload a CSV file with a list of contacts to be suppressed. The csv file should contain email addresses, ONLY.

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Note: Suppressed contacts will NOT be included in your pricing plan.


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