There are three ways to edit contacts within Remarkety:

1. Edit via manual CSV upload for bulk edits

If you are not yet familiar with the manual upload and how a CSV should be formatted, see here: Uploading contact lists to Remarkety. Already a pro at this? Continue reading below. 

To edit contact data, you will re-upload the contacts via CSV with the edits you'd like to make in the appropriate columns.  There are 2 ways to add a tag using the re-upload method:

1. In the upload contacts page, you can add a tag to the entire list in the "Step 1" section: blobid0.png


2. Include the tag you wish to add inside the csv file in the following format: Text. Separate by ";" if more than one. Example: tag1;tag2. In the csv file, it should appear the following way: 

Email First Name Tag Omer tag1;tag2


Re-uploaded contacts will never be duplicated. Once you upload your CSV with the edits you'd like to make, you will have a few options for how the data is used:

Ignore first line (title): You should choose this option if you've added column titles to your CSV such as Email address, First Name, Last Name, etc. 

If contact already exists then override data with the new imported data from this file: This option will completely replace all data associated with a particular contact with the data listed in the CSV upload. 

Do not delete existing tags. Just add new tags (Default): You will select this option if you would like to simply add tags to a contact and leave all other data as is.

Delete ALL tags for uploaded contacts that are already in the system, and use the tags from this file instead (if any): You will select this option if you would like all existing contact data to remain the same EXCEPT tags. Previous tags will be replaces with the newly uploaded tags. 


2. Edit via the contact info page for one or few edits

First, click manage contacts listed under contacts on your navigation menu. 

You will then be directed to the main manage contacts page. From here, you will click on the email address of the contact you would like to edit (i.e. 


 This will open the Contact info page where you can edit contact tags and other data via the edit button. 


3. Batch update:

Contact batch updates is a set of multiple update statements that are submitted to our systems to process. Sending multiple updates is much more efficient than updating each contact separately. 

To add/remove tags using the batch update feature: 

  1. Select the filter for the contacts you wish to add/remove tags to and click the Update filters button.
  2. Then, the contact list will be segmented according to the filter you selected.
  3. Click on the Actions drop-down box and select "Add tag".
  4. A pop-up window will appear which allows you to either write in a new tag or pick and existing one.
  5. Press process once you are ready to add the appropriate tag.

Remarkety has made it very simple to modify multiple contacts at once. You can now add/remove tags, change marketing preference, download a segmented list, suppress a certain list of contacts, and even delete contacts from your list, in 2 simple clicks. You can learn how to use the batch Update feature here.


If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact 


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