Why are contacts shown as marketing allowed or not allowed?

The Manage Contacts page displays all the email contacts from your stores back-end as well as any contacts that have been added via file upload or other integration. On this page, your total contacts are subdivided into four simple groups:

  1. All contacts
  2. Marketing allowed contacts
  3. Marketing not allowed contacts

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1. All Contacts

The number you see next to all contacts is the total number of email addresses Remarkety has received from your store. This number allows you to quickly know how many people have left their email address either at checkout or through a sign up form (create an account, popup window, web bar, etc.).


2. Marketing Allowed 

The marketing allowed contacts are the group of contacts who are eligible to receive emails. At some point, these customers left their email address on your website AND opted in to receive emails from your store. Most stores have a double opt-in policy which means the customer receives a follow up email to verify their email address and confirm that they have actually opted in to receive marketing emails. Check out this article for more info on Double opt-in: How Double-Opt In works

Note: These are the only contacts included in your billing.


3. Marketing Not Allowed 

A commonly asked question is why customers are included in the contacts list but are not allowed to receive emails. The marketing not allowed list includes customers who have either unsubscribed or did not opt-in to receive emails from your store. For example, a customer has created an account (left their email on your website) BUT the customer did not click a tick box to receive emails from your store, that customer will be added to your contacts list but categorized as marketing not allowed. Again, Remarkety will never charge you for contacts who are not receiving emails. If for some reason, you see contacts listed who you believe should be marked as marketing allowed, please contact support@remarkety.com. 


4. Suppressed Contacts

The suppressed customers list is a list of customers who have actively opted-out of being sent emails from your store, or their email domain have been suppressed for some reason. While these customers are included in the marketing not allowed list they are also shown separately to differentiate them as customers who were previously receiving emails and then decided to opt-out. You can always manage your Suppression list by clicking the on the "Suppressions" link in your navigation sidebar (under contacts). You can learn more about the different types of suppressions here.




Please feel free to contact support@remarkety.com with any additional questions.



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